Research: Current Projects
One of the Mountain Lake Conservancy’s core values is “a commitment to preserving and enhancing the integrity of Mountain Lake’s unique environment through management decisions based on sound research.”  The Conservancy strives to honor this value while developing fresh programs and undertaking new projects.

Fluctuating Lake Levels
As the water levels of Mountain Lake continue to fall, we respect its cyclical nature and let it run its course. Learn about the Cycles of Mountain Lake and the intriguing research and history that has occurred on one of only two natural freshwater lakes in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It’s also the highest in elevation (3,875′) of any fresh water lake east of the Mississippi!

Responsible Forest Management
The Mountain Lake Conservancy manages the 2,600 acres of Mountain Lake property with 2,455 acres being forests. Much of the property was logged and grazed as late as the early 1900’s. However, some of our Hemlocks are well over 200 years old.
Learn more about our Forests.

Fighting to Save our Hemlocks
The Mountain Lake Conservancy continues to battle the ravages of the wooly adelgid on our Eastern Hemlocks.  We have lost many battles for our ancient trees, these can be seen – some still standing around the lake. However, we are still waging war, and are committed to preserving the trees that respond to treatment in spite of the drought that has worsened their chances. The adelgid is back in 2008, and soil injection treatments began again in February on some select trees bordering Mountain Lake. Tom McAvoy of Virginia Tech’s Department of Entomology is leading the effort.  You can help too, your generous donation can help save the Hemlocks.

Biological Research
Drive past the lake 1.5 miles, and you’ll come to the Mountain Lake Biological Station.  The Mountain Lake Conservancy maintains a strong relationship with the Biological Station and continues to foster their research and support their mission.  From May – August, you may see students out on the Conservancy property conducting their research.