The Mountain Lake Conservancy

The Mountain Lake Conservancy is a non-profit organization founded to help manage and protect the 2,600 acres of Mountain Lake property, and to provide environmental and cultural education for the public.


Mountain Lake LLC Board Members Bob Donovan, Ray Smoote, Anne Goette, Laura Belleville, MMNE Executive Director Betty Massey, Chris McKlarney, former General Manger Jeffrey Burrell

Our Mission Statement
The Mountain Lake Conservancy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to further Mary Moody Northen’s desire to forge bonds between people and nature in Mountain Lake’s unique environment.
Our Vision
Mountain Lake is an internationally recognized eco-tourism and educational destination.
Our Core Values
A commitment to:

  • Preserving and enhancing the integrity of Mountain Lake’s unique environment through management decisions based on sound research.
  • Providing educational opportunities for people of all ages.
  • Accessibility for all.
  • Designing and inspiring a memorable experience for guests.
  • Creating a fulfilling opportunity for staff.
Mountain Lake Green Statement
What makes The Mountain Lake Conservancy and Mountain Lake Lodge an excellent choice for a green and sustainable destination? Since it was established more than 20 years ago in 1989, The Mountain Lake Conservancy has been doing its part in conserving the unique 2,600 acres of Mountain Lake property. Our historic property offers a variety of rentals from rustic to modern and guests enjoy our 22 miles of multi-use trails and outdoor activities for their entertainment. Families have the opportunity to join Conservancy naturalists in educational programs such as learning about the unique “cycles” and history of our natural lake, flora and fauna, Appalachian culture, and hiking to the breathtaking vistas of Bald Knob, Bear Cliffs, and the Old Golf Course.
The Mountain Lake Conservancy is collaborating with the lodge to implement sustainability initiatives to take our current green standards to a higher level. We strive to make the best choices for the environment by actualizing source reduction and recycling initiatives for our property. We are examining alternatives for sustainable purchasing for many of our products, and have eliminated the use of Styrofoam to-go products in our dining facility. Mountain Lake is conscious of energy and water conservation by installing energy-efficient light bulbs and with the operation of our economical waste water treatment system. We have incorporated “Green” programming into our agenda to further educate our guests and community about our environmental efforts. Our mission to be a leader in reaching the highest green standards is in place for years to come.

We are proud members of Virginia Green.

Mountain Lake is an extraordinary ecosystem that appeals to those who seek to enjoy nature at its finest.    It is truly one of the Commonwealth‟s unique treasures!    Bring your family and friends and „forge bonds with nature‟ at Mountain Lake.

The Mountain Lake Conservancy Board of Directors

Bob Donovan, President
Ray Smoot, Treasurer
Laura Belleville, Conservation Committee Chair
Chris McKlarney
Anne Goette
David Hill
Tom Murphy
Bill Aden
Heidi Stone, General Manager, ex-officio
Betty Massey, ex-officio

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About Mountain Lake

The Mountain Lake Conservancy works closely with Mountain Lake Lodge to manage the use of the property in a sustainable manner, which includes protecting the very resources that draw visitors to this mountaintop. Through educational programming, managing and interpreting research and providing recreation opportunities, the MLC is integrally tied to Mountain Lake Lodge and its mission to provide a place for people to enjoy a unique gateway experience for generations to come.

 Mountain Lake Lodge’s Mission Statement

The Mission of the Mountain Lake Lodge is to provide a retreat from the everyday world where individuals, families, and groups can pause, recreate, reflect, and re-educate using the natural environment and scenic areas for a tool for cleansing the spirit finding purpose and perspective and reconnecting with basic values, principles, and goals for ones life. Mountain Lake Lodge provides a holistic stage in educational and recreational activities that will make the total experience a memorable and bonding occasion. The natural settings, guest accommodations, activities, amenities, programs, and other resources are developed and integrated to support this mission.

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